By Lin Dunn


The offseason for high school and college programs is the primary time to grow as a coach…get better! From the last game of your season until the first practice of your next season, you must be studying the game. “Players are made in the offseason, teams are made in the fall”! (Make sure your players have individual off season skill development programs). This is also true of coaches…. YOU must get better in the off season!


1-Attend clinics!…. Pgglazier clinics are great! Nike clinics; Coaching_ULive is the best clinic I’ve ever attended! “A Step UP Symposium”..combines X and O’s with leadership, inspiration and networking

2-Attend WNBA Training Camps… Watch a week of drills, practice.. Talk to the pro coaches, ask if you can sit in on their pre- practice meetings.

3-Review your system from last season, meet with your assistants and decide what to keep, what to change; review drills, practices, watch game film from last season; pick 2-3 areas you really want to get better at and research those areas ex: defending 2 man; horns actions, defending OB’s ….

4-Get together with coaching peers you value…brainstorm ideas and philosophies

5-Reach out to a coach you respect… Ask for help in an area you are weak in….

6-Watch the NBA playoffs… Study systems you like;

7-Watch WNBA games! Study systems you like

8-Look for coaching articles, ( is one of my favorites; Watch videos on the internet that grow your knowledge of the game! Many are FREE! ….Loads of coaching videos on utube!

9-Read books on coaching, motivation, leadership, improve you emotional intelligence

10-Spend quality time alone thinking about your players; How can you be a better coach/teacher for them; motivate them; maximize their potential?

11-Write down your thoughts and philosophies on your system; develop a master notebook on all areas of the game! Grow your notebook every season

12-Evaluate your statistics from the past season; Develop statistical goals for next season

Remember: “When you are through learning..YOU are through! ”

-Lin Dunn

Lin Dunn, a 44 year coaching veteran, coached Purdue to the 1994 Final Four, has coached in the Olympics and world championships and won a WNBA title with the Fever in 2012. One of the most accomplished women’s basketball coaches in history and a pioneer for women in sports, Dunn was inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in 2014.