Defense Rules “10 to Win”

By Lin Dunn


1—SEE man—see ball……ALL the time!..Get off on the weak side! Ready to help..or TRAP box on base drive!

2—TAKE something away!disrupt-post/perimeter..STOP ball reversal

3—JUMP to the ball on a pass.Jam cutter; NO one cuts in front of you.ALL MOVE on the pass!

4—DENY entry passesKnees bent—Hands/Arms up and active..Get A deflection!!!..defend without FOULING!!!

5—BALL pressure; CONTAIN– the dribble driver!…Push base/side; NO– MIDDLE DRIVES!…Take the Charge!!

6TALK- and help your teammates.Rotate and Recover! The lower the ball goes..the lower you go;  

7—MOVE on the pass–; Closeout with your hands UP—Knees bent and ready to contest 3, defend drive

8—NEAR man SMOTHER rebounder–get matched up by 1/2 line; Stop ball/NO long passes down sideNO transition buckets!

9—DENY..CONTEST all passes into the post—FIGHT/frontLOCK up on pass in..Low I; DISRUPT!!!

10–CONTACT BOX ALL THE TIME..hit and hold; hit and go; 1 and done!..limit 2nd chance pts!…….REBOUNDS WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS!

-Lin Dunn

Lin Dunn, a 44 year coaching veteran, coached Purdue to the 1994 Final Four, has coached in the Olympics and world championships and won a WNBA title with the Fever in 2012. One of the most accomplished women’s basketball coaches in history and a pioneer for women in sports, Dunn was inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in 2014.