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On the twelfth of every month throughout 2014, Grentz Elite Coaching will be providing Thoughts, Teaching Points, and Tips highlighting different aspects on the game of basketball for players, coaches, parents, and anyone who loves the game. Download your eBook version now below! Each edition will feature specific drills and skills pertaining to the basketball calendar year. This manual is designed for basketball players and coaches of all ages and of all levels.

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Lessons Learned from Playing a Child’s Game

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Basketball Pioneer Theresa Shank Grentz, a decorated player and coach, is sharing her twelve pillars of character in her upcoming book, Lessons Learned from Playing a Child’s Game. This book is a must-read for athletes looking to advance to the next level in their game. Not only will this book motivate and inspire for on-court success, it will also provide key insights to living a fulfilling, happy, satisfied life away from the court. It is the first book penned by Grentz since leaving the hardwood after spending 33 years as a Division I Women’s Basketball Head Coach, with one highlight of her career being the Team USA Women’s Basketball Head Coach in 1992 at the Olympics in Barcelona, Spain.

Cover“I was motivated to write this book because it gives back,” Grentz said, a three-time National Champion and All-American who played at Immaculata College just outside of Philadelphia, PA. “I am simply sharing my experiences with those who are playing the game today.”

Lessons Learned from Playing a Child’s Game is a story within a story about how Grentz recruited, and the kind of personality she was looking for in her recruits, as well as stories from a 33 year coaching career involving family, triumph, criticism, victory, and doubt. There will be plenty of ideas, lessons, and stories shared for today’s athletes and parents going through the recruiting process.

“Lessons Learned from Playing a Child’s Game is there for anyone who is looking for a plan on how to go to the next level. It is a road map with lots of stories and examples that relate to all ages,” said Grentz, a member of the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. “It is a bridge of connection and fun. Everything in the book is information that I have learned through the years of playing, teaching, and coaching basketball.”

Lessons Learned from Playing a Child’s Game will be available in a hard copy and an eBook version in April 2014. Grentz wrote the book as told to Dick Weiss and Joan Williamson.

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