Grentz Elite Coaching for Coaches

Why Coaches benefit from working with GEC

Coach Grentz has been a teacher throughout her entire career. As a collegiate coach she opened her practices to the community, her colleagues, and even to the media. Today, Coach T opens her teaching Gym to all coaches who are interested in learning how to take their team to the next level.

Throughout Coach Grentz’s career she has spoken many times about having a mentor to assist you in your professional pursuits. This was a person who allowed Coach Grentz to be and to see things from another perspective. These mentoring sessions were invaluable throughout her career. Today, it is Theresa’s wish to share and to guide coaches who are looking for that little something extra.

Are you someone who has been asked to coach your son or daughter’s team? Out of the goodness of your heart and your personality you accept the position. The question now becomes: “How do I run a practice”? This is where Coach Grentz sees herself as a valuable asset to those individuals. The goal is simply to teach coaches how to teach the fundamentals in the game of basketball.

Coach Grentz has done hundreds of clinics over the years and has developed a formula for a more personal connection in teaching coaches how to teach. The one-on-one approach is an invaluable resource for anyone who has the responsibility as a caretaker of the game of basketball.

How do I get in touch with Coach Grentz?
That part is easy, simply contact Coach Grentz to the website or 610 – 256 – 6300.

What topics do I discuss with Coach Grentz?
Things that are on your mind that you would like to discuss about your program could include the following:

  • What are the proper components for solid practice?
  • How do I use my assistance effectively in a practice?
  • What are the best drills to run to teach the fundamentals of the game?
  • How I deal with a difficult player?
  • How important is it to teach leadership at practice? And how do I teach leadership at practice?
  • Are you getting enough shots for your players at practice?

These are just a few of the topics and ideas you may want to discuss with Coach Grentz. You will find her techniques and answers to be insightful and beneficial to you as a professional. If you were looking for someone to give you an overview of your team and some suggestions of how you can advance your program to the next level, then I would call Coach Grentz now!

Coach Grentz will make a house call.

Team Practice Reviews:

Coach Grentz will review your team’s situation @ $200.00 per hour.
Call for more details about GEC’s one-day clinics, minicamps and 2 to 4 day traveling clinics.