Mid-Season Evaluations & Adjustments

January 2014                                 

GEC-TTPT-Mid-Season-Evaluations-and-Adjustments-Cover-ImageTheresa Grentz & Brian Shank

You will be welcomed into a treasury of world-class basketball knowledge with drills for your team, as well as drills for the individual player while on their skill development journey when you purchase Thoughts, Teaching Points & Tips highlighting Mid-Season Evaluations & Adjustments. Parents can learn first-hand from a former college coach what is expected of prospective student -athletes during exposure tournaments. Plus, youth coaches can adjust to the drills to meet their practice sessions.

This edition will highlight thoughts for coaches to consider for Mid-Season Evaluations of their team and possible Adjustments they may want to consider for the second half of the season. Drills, thoughts from Coach Grentz, Teaching Points, Evaluations and Adjustments are included in this edition, plus much more.

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