Lessons Learned from Playing a Child’s Game

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Throughout her long career in the world of basketball, Theresa Shank Grentz has found answers to life’s most vexing problems in unexpected places. The former Olympic coach and Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame member never suspected that a “child’s game” could teach someone so much—about passion, confidence, character, and even girl power.
But the game has changed the way she looks at life and living, and now she hopes to inspire others in the same way. Through touching stories and hilarious anecdotes collected from her years in the world of basketball, Lessons Learned from Playing a Child’s Game gives readers a sincere and compassionate look at the life of the renowned basketball coach, and the distinct messages of peace and joy she wants to share with the world.
Within narratives that include growing up playing with the boys, life as a US Olympic coach, and facing tough losses, readers will find valuable advice on enjoying their best lives possible, pursuing and achieving their dreams, and living according to the twelve pillars of character. Regardless of age, interests, or lifestyle, the stories and messages within will provide motivation and inspiration for athletes and non-athletes alike.

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Debbie AntonelliDebbie Antonelli
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“Coach Grentz’ book reminds us that we play the game because we love it.  It’s what the game gave and what you chose to take that makes the work, sweat and tears worthy and meaningful. Coach Grentz reminds us that if you have ever competed on a team, sports team or family as team, you will understand the inner dynamics of competitive personalities.  Coach Grentz reminds us that we need everyone to pull in the same direction for the ultimate victory.  The ultimate victory is to make each day better for yourself and others.”


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