Grentz Elite Coaching for Players

Why would you attend a Grentz Elite Coaching session as a player?

Coach Grentz has personally designed these sessions for players who are passionate about their “game” and wants to improve their skill set. Each session is individually intended to provide the athlete with the knowledge, drills, and motivation to enhance the understanding of the finer points of the game. Players are personally instructed and guided by Coach Grentz. A woman who coached the Olympics, the best in the world, is instructing you! Once you have attended a GEC session it is the responsibility of the player to work on their new skill sets and to be accountable to put in the time to become the “Best Version of Themselves”.
If you are a player who is passionate about your game and you desire to become the “Best Version of Yourself”, both on and off the court, then these GEC sessions could be for you. If you have the courage and self-discipline to work on your game outside of your personal sessions with Coach Grentz…then GEC may be what you are looking for.
Today, there are so many opportunities for young players to actually play the game. And that is a good thing…however, the level of skill development for players is not up to par. The directives and the time needed to teach and instruct young players in the individual skills of the game of basketball are overlooked, because time is needed by coaches to prepare their teams for competition. This is a natural situation on a team. If you want to improve your game, you have to look elsewhere.
GEC sessions are for the player who wants to learn the fundamentals and mechanics of a more creative and exciting game with proper instruction for ball handling, dribbling, passing, and shooting skills.
“Challenges create needs; needs create deeds”! (Theresa Grentz)


  • Can you properly execute the intricacies of a dribble handoff?
  • Can you perform the proper footwork for defending and/or executing a high pick and roll?
  • What is the level of your post game?
  • Can you finish at a high level going to the basket?
  • How well can you change direction with the basketball?
  • What would your game look like if you knew the defense could not take the ball from you?
  • How high would your confidence level be if the defense could not deny your ability to pass to the players you wanted to on the floor?
  • How would you approach the game if you knew you could score when you wanted to?
  • If your skill level were at another level, how confident would you be in your game?
  • If you were to master these athletic skills, how do you think that would affect your daily life?


We feel confidant that with Coach Grentz’s direct and hands-on teaching abilities for each player, the learning experience will be a life long cherished opportunity. The lessons shared by Coach Grentz are lessons that are useful for a lifetime.
If you are looking for this kind of challenge, call and set up your appointment with the Coach!


Why is Coach Grentz teaching these classes?

“Necessity is the mother of invention”

This company was built out of a conversation. The question was posed to Theresa Grentz about the opportunity to coach again. Coach T declined the offer to coach, however, Theresa did say she would teach the game. The rest is history!

Theresa Grentz has enjoyed a full and rewarding journey. At this point of her career she finds it a great privilege to be able to guide, motivate, instruct, and add to the fullness of another’s life. Teaching is what makes Theresa Grentz tick.

If you are a serious player and you want to improve, you want Theresa Grentz teaching you! Coach Grentz has coached the best, and she was the best…basically, she has been there… done that! Let her share her experiences with you on a personal level.

“Coaching is taking people beyond where they can’t get by themselves”. (Theresa Grentz)