“The game desparately needs what Coach Grentz is teaching.”
Current NFL Head Coach

“My only regret was I did not find Coach Grentz for our daughter five years ago.”
Father of a rising HS Junior

“Coach T’s winning attitude, mental toughness and complete understanding of the game of basketball is rubbing off on my daughter. After 6, one-hour sessions with Coach, I have seen more progress in 4 weeks than the 10 previous years my daughter has been playing basketball. Her love for the game and skill level increases weekly with daily drills set up by Coach T. Thank you Coach T!”
Steve N.
Parent of a GEC Student
Summer Sessions

“Theresa Grentz was one of the best to play the game and is one of the best teachers of the game. If you want to learn and have fun at the same time, I would highly recommend Coach Grentz and her teaching of the game of the basketball.”
Ann Meyers Drysdale
Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame ’93
Olympian ’76

“Coach Grentz has been our “go-to” instructor for the Atlantic 10 Women’s Basketball Championship Kids Clinic for two years now, and she just keeps getting better!  She gives handson instruction to as many as 200 participants, breaking down skills in a way that the kids simply don’t see any more.  In a climate where games have become the main focus, it is nice to have a legendary coach bring basketball back to its necessary basics, and explain why the kids should learn each skill.  Grentz shows each skill, and explains how and why and when it should be used.  I think the kids really respond to that, because it all suddenly makes sense to them!  What a great way to coach!  I can’t think of anyone else who could come in and teach this clinic in a more effective way.  If you or your child get an opportunity to work with Coach Grentz, I’m telling you…do not pass it up!”
Beth Devine
Executive Director of Philly Girls in Motion
Clinic Director for the Atlantic 10 Kids Clinic

“Why hasn’t anyone ever taught me this before? I wish somebody had! Coach Grentz has made these drills so easy to understand.”
Atlantic 10 Clinic Participant
6th Grade

“I coach two girls basketball teams (4th grade and 5/6th grade) and could not be more happy with the results after the clinics Coach Theresa Grentz gave to each team. Coach Grentz did so much more than cover the basics with the two young teams. She made learning fun and challenging at the same time.  Coach Grentz easily related to the young girls and had them captivated from start to finish. Without a doubt, not only did each team play better basketball with greater confidence, it literally turned their seasons around.”
Tim S.
St. Matthias School (Somerset, NJ)

“Coach Grentz is a wealth of knowledge about basketball and life. She is easy to communicate with, and she has the ability to break down every aspect of the game and effectively teach it in order to improve an individual’s game. After each and every lesson with Coach T, I know I improve more and more. I live about an hour away from Coach T’s main gym, and in order to make things a little easier, she is willing to travel to a local gym closer to my home. Any young girl looking to achieve their basketball dreams would be crazy to pass up the opportunity to work with a former Olympic Coach, a great teacher, and an even better person.”
Grentz Elite Coaching Student

“Had an absolutely fantastic time. I have never learned so much in just three days. Coach Grentz made everyone feel that you want them to be the best player on the court. Her coaching technique is flawless, short, and sweet, and also full of great and valuable knowledge. I loved both the sessions and seminars; I will always look back in my binder. Her personal stories are inspiring. I loved getting to know Coach Grentz. I am so excited to practice with her again and then put everything to work in the season.”
Liz L.
Skills Development Academy Participant

“I was only there for one day, but it was the most I’ve learned about basketball in my two years of playing. I loved getting to be coached by a living legend, and also share personal conversations. I loved it!”

Eliza W.

Skills Development Academy Participant


“I thought everything was great from the power point to the demonstrations on the white board. I also loved having the powerpoint slides in my own personalized binder that I can call my own. I also loved how Coach Grentz coached us without yelling at us.”

Micah M.

Skills Development Academy Participant


“I loved the theory/seminars vs. on court practice concept. The seminars were great. I learned well by seeing and then doing, so when I saw Coach Grentz writing on the white board, it really helped my comprehend concepts. I am really proud of the change in energy and communication throughout the sessions. There were good ideas I can use to bring back to my team. Learning with fellow players and teammates made me more confident and willing to try new things. The binders were helpful and I’m glad we are able to keep them because it had good notes. I learned life lessons from Coach Grentz, too.”

Aly S.

Skills Development Academy Participant


“I loved the drills that we practiced. I became more comfortable with the ball by getting to try new things. I had the most trouble with the drills that were most specific. I liked the seminars, ball handling, and shooting drills. My favorite one was the 1 on 1 drill because we got to be creative and try new moves. We really pushed each other to be better players.”

Charlotte B.

Skills Development Academy Participant


“I loved the three-day academy. I loved the seminars because I liked learning why we do stuff in my head, not just being able to do it with my body. I also really liked the binder, that way we can look at it later and in my case take the info and share it with my high school team.”

Nicole M.

Skills Development Academy Participant